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                                                                       Our recent lunch:  Tempeh Panini

                                                                           (Recipe:  here)

   We pioneered making tempeh on stainless steel trays using water to heat and cool the tempeh.

Recently we have developed an incubator that makes tempeh without using a water bath and you can see it at http://tempehsure.com

Now would be a good time to think of creating a worker owned coop franchise to make artisanal tempeh for restaurants and farmers markets.

In the meantime, the water bath method works perfectly, is quite economical and is pretty easy to use.

 Using a stainless steel pan, you can make a 3 lb flat cake of tempeh and cut it into any shape your heart desires.



  All it takes is an incubator, a stainless steel tray, an aquarium water heater, air pump and air stone.

                                                       ( See the Notes for more information )                                                                         

                 How to make a Tempeh Incubator                       How to make Betsy's Tempeh

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